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Hello fumbling around in the digital abyss here : Hey is that you John Wayne? No it’s me John Wayne.


LADY LIBERTY  Fear  Fear poisons the waters of the moment  You can not swim freely in spiritual waters if fear be a force of  tyranny  To kiss the girl  To ask the one  To embrace the lady  To tell them … Continue Reading LADY LIBERTY


American delusion: the people chanting no more big government are the same people who have given the federal govt. the control of the country – no more state sovereignty no more inalienable rights – the patriot act dismantles the Constitution … Continue Reading AMERICAN DELUSION

gun issue

a posible solution is take the profit out of the weapons industry-war for profit and the culture will change- the NRA sponsored private sales( in my opinion) are simply a firewall a buffer from adressing the real immorality of the … Continue Reading gun issue

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